The Philippines traffic authority is forcing thousands of its staff to wear adult diapers so as to keep them at their posts during Pope Francis’ visit to the country.

In an interview with Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chief Francis Tolentino, he said that an initial batch of 2,000 diapers will be issued to constables in charge of overseeing traffic during the Feast of the Black Nazarene scheduled on January 9.

Thousands of devotees are expected to arrive in Quiapo district for the Feast of the Black Nazarene on the night of 8 January.

The highlight of the feast is a lengthy procession of a blackened Jesus statue carrying a cross that believers hope will grants miracles.

As the procession starts, thousands of barefooted Catholics will gather in a rousing mob, all fighting for the chance to touch the holy statue.

In view of the procession, the city government has ordered the closure of several roads and urged motorists to use public transport instead.

To secure Pope Francis during his visit to the Philippines, the country is mobilising 30,000 police officers and 7,000 soliders for crowd control duties.

Furthermore, snipers will be in place around the venue to secure the pontiff.

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