The Law Society of Singapore has fined activist lawyer M Ravi $7,000 for “for misconduct unbefitting an advocate and solicitor as a member of an honorable profession”.

He was fined under the Legal Profession Act. The Council of The Law Society of Singapore said that the fine was imposed because M Ravi had “prematurely released various court documents relating to the legal proceedings before they were served on the opposing party”, in his capacity as the advocate and solicitor on record for several plaintiffs or applicants”.

It added that M Ravi “had made certain statements to the media in respect of the legal proceedings which were calculated to interfere with the fair proceeding or trial of the legal proceedings”.

The professional misconduct involved 4 clients brought against the Attorney-General, one was a bid to get the courts to ban discrimination against gays in the work place. The other cases were judicial reviews, that sought to reverse the decisions made by the authorities to deport foreigner workers involved in the Little India riot in 2013.

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