Temasek Holdings is unable to leverage on Singaporeans' savings because its CEO Ho Ching spends her time surfing the net and sharing her reading list on Facebook during office hours.

Let's take a look at some of the interesting articles she read in a work day.

She was surfing the net at 1:35 am trying to unravel the mystery behind Greenland's ice sheets.

It is stressful to be the CEO of Temasek Holdings.

Her maternal instinct at work.

She is a bird lover

We wonder what is on her mind.

She had a tiff with her husband the previous night?


She reads widely on a variety of topics that give her ideas to start small talks with her guests

She did not realise Singapore is already an alien world?

She can recommend good shampoo to Deputy Prime Minister Tharman.

She is dropping hints to her husband on their next holiday destination

We wonder who is giving her high blood pressure.

Suddenly, we feel she is really very aunty.


Someone is making her really really upset.

Now we know she supports same-sex marriage.

She is really into birds.

Are there hungry Singaporeans now?


She loves nuts!


Do you follow the same Facebook pages and websites as Ho Ching? What impresses us is the  numbers of pages she can read and subsequently post within a short span of time. What are your encounters with CEOs? Share it with us.

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