Collected Key for my dbss unit on 15th Dec 2014. Submitted defect list on 17th Dec 2014.

Joint inspection with Bangla Mr Moorthy on 23rd Dec 2014. Moorthy agreed quality very bad and they have to redo within 2 weeks so we can start renovating.

Till 5th January 2015 no sound no picture. Called Moorthy and denied he has inspected my unit. I have called service center and was ask to call back 2 times yet not yet have answer. I have seen Moorthy carrying at least few hundreds defect list around without proper documentation procedure. How can he handle?

This Parkland Residence unit cost SGD666k and promise condo standard except pool. But is a very big disappointment the way our HDB handle it. HDB profit the max with cheapest labourers. They only see in terms of incoming profit without quality control.

I am hereby suggesting all Parkland Residence to gather and join legal suit against developer for lost of time and mortgage bank interest incur. Pls help to spread to all residents. Thanks.

Derrick Teo

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