Newly-weds Singaporean heiress Arissa Cheo and Taiwanese rock star Van Ness Wu seem to have hit a major bump in their marriage, said reports online.

The couple, who just recently celebrated their one-year anniversary, have sparked talks of marriage woes when they allegedly had a war of words on their respective Instagram accounts.

Since Dec 5, fans of the pair noticed that Arissa had stopped posting lovey-dovey photos of her husband on her photo-sharing account – suggesting a feud between them.

The speculation was further deepened when both personalities stopped following each other on Instagram.

Arissa has also been posting “ambiguous messages” which is presumably targeted at her famous husband, reported entertainment site Jayne Stars.

In one post, Arissa wrote, “I’m going to give you the same amount of effort as you give me.”

One of her messages also ignited an argument with some of her followers who left comments reprimanding her for using foul language.

A follower even asked her to be more respectful so as not to reflect poorly on Van Ness’ Christian faith.

Apparently angered by the feedback, Arissa wrote back: “What faith? Fake faith. Don’t believe the hype. Wake up. What’s real and what’s not? What you see on the Telly is definitely not real.

“Don’t tell me what I know. And I can swear if I want. Go away.”

Jayne Stars said Van Ness reportedly retaliated to Arissa and posted: “Watch your tongue”.

Before the argument got any further, both personalities deleted their comments and unfollowed each other’s accounts.

Van Ness was recently spotted at the airport, said Jayne Stars, and had refused to respond to rumours of his marital problems with his socialite wife.

He was reportedly seen with a “troubled expression” at the airport, said Jayne Stars.

Fans of the pair have been leaving words of encouragement and well-wishes for their marriage on their respective Instagram accounts.

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