By Wan Dan Liao, Straight Times

SINGAPORE – A group of gamblers has submitted a petition to URA and Minister of National Development Mr Khaw Boon Wan, ST has learned.

The petition urged the authorities to build columbariums beside the two integrated resorts which houses Singapore’s casinos. The resorts operators were given the green light by the Singapore government to operate the casinos in 2010.

Since ST reported that a columbarium will be housed in a temple that was scheduled to be constructed beside a new Built-To-Order project in Sengkang, there has been fierce criticisms on cyberspace against HDB for obscuring the fact that a columbarium will be built beside the new flats.

Notwithstanding the protests expressed by aggrieved young couples in a dialogue session held recently with the PAP MP of that estate, it appears that the decision to build a columbarium is a go-ahead.

Aware of the frustrations felt by the affected young couples, Mr Lao Du Gui has submitted a 2-page petition to the authorities urging them to build columbarium beside the casinos instead.

“You don’t understand, I am trying to help everyone,” Mr Lao, a professional gambler tells ST, “Our proposal creates a win-win-win situation for the young families, HDB and ourselves!”

He laughed, “The young policy makers are ignorant of Singapore culture of praying to the dead for luck! Build columbarium beside casinos lah! Problem solved!”

We asked the opinion of Beh Pio Soh, a housewife queuing outside a Singapore Pools outlet whether the proposal of building columbarium beside betting establishment is feasible.

“Of course I support. Our culture leh!” Madam Beh groans, “Before I come down buy 4D, I always pray to my dead hubby at home first.”

“If go pray at columbarium , even better! Combine all the spirits’ power! We sure strike Toto! I tell you lah, those civil servant planners confirm don’t vote PAP one”.

Ministry of National Development cannot be reached for comments.

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