Dear Editors,

I am one of the residents affected by plans to build a columbarium in Sengkang. Despite the “dialogue” session with our useless MP Lam Pin Min, it is clear to me now that the plans will definitely go ahead and it will not be changed. The dialogue session was just to explain to us the rationale behind the plan and why it is reasonable to include columbarium services within the premise of a Chinese temple.

But sorry for your information, it is not acceptable to me. I buy the house considering all factors that will affect its future resale value. It is my right to reject the addition of this columbarium as it will bring bad luck to my family in future and people who wants to buy resale flat will similarly be turned off.

When this happens, how do you expect me to sell my flat at a profit and upgrade to a condominium in future? You can say I am money faced but please buying an expensive house in Singapore is an economic decision driven by money and numbers. It will be foolish of me not care about resale value right?

I want my children to be brought up in an environment where they will not be exposed to such morbid matters until they are much older. It is not good for their psychological health and the Government should take this into account. You want us to have more children yet you do not even take their well being into account when you unilaterally make such dumb building decisions.

Because HDB breach the contract first by including a columbarium in the vicinity of my flat, I demand that my deposit be refunded and I want to be given priority for other HDB developments in future. In commercial terms this is a breach of contract and I have every right to get out of this contract.

Now I have to take leave in 2015 and waste so much time settling this problem all thanks to the PAP who do not use their brains when implementing such plans. They never think about how their citizens will be negatively affected by such plans. This shows their ignorance and their ivory tower mentality! They need to walk the ground and find out feedback from the people before making such meddlesome plans. When will the PAP start to be more considerate to the people and stop squeezing us dry?

This is a good reminder to me to VOTE THEM OUT in GE2016. No more PAP or more of such brainless plans will haunt me and my future.

Tulan Sengkang Resident

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