Hospital nurse probed over online insults

A NURSE from Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) is being investigated by his employer for allegedly making comments insulting Singaporeans on Facebook.

A screenshot of the offending post went viral on various social media platforms over the weekend but the nurse, who went by the Facebook name Edz Ello, has claimed that his account was hacked.

In the post, the writer had called Singaporeans losers, and said that he was praying for disasters to “strike Singapore”.

He also expressed the desire to “evict Singaporeans… out of their own country”.

The hospital, in a Facebook post yesterday, confirmed that the writer of the post was one of its nurses and that a police report on the allegedly hacked account had been made.

“We are cooperating with the police on the investigation,” it added.

A police spokesman confirmed that a report had been lodged and that investigations are ongoing.

Several netizens, however, have cast doubt on the nurse’s claim that the disparaging posts were made by a hacker.

They cited screenshots of similarly insulting comments made from his account some two weeks ago.

As of 7pm yesterday, the account of Edz Ello appeared to have been deactivated.

Business coach Aida Atan, who saw the post on Saturday after it went viral, said it was unacceptable that such comments were being made against Singaporeans.

Said the 40-year-old: “The backlash is not because of any hate for foreign workers – such hateful posts should simply not be allowed.”

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