The Filipino radiographer working at Tan Tock Seng Hospital has come out claiming that his Facebook account was hacked resulting in the series of anti-Singapore comments which has since gone viral on Singapore cyberspace

Unfortunately, this "I got hacked" excused has been used many times over by dimwits who get caught with their pants down. Despite TTSH's willingness to let the due process take its course and allow the Singapore Police to conduct their investigation into the matter, to eagled-eyed netizens, Edz Ello is one big liar who just dug himself a much bigger shit hole.

Here are the TWO main reasons why Filipino Edz Ello is lying and should be repatriated asap

1) Edz Ello has an internet history of talking trash and speaking without tact online. In one instance, he used his Google account to make derogatory remarks about Islam. Would anyone with any decency and common sense make such bigoted remarks about another religion? What are the chances of him repeating such retarded behavior over other matters? 


2) It is not the first time Edz Ello has made rude remarks about the country (Singapore) he worked in. In August 2014, he commented that 'Singapore is China's toilet'. Is this how you perceive Singapore? Is this how you speak of the nation that has given you a proper job opportunity? Hence it is believable that he made those derogatory comments against Singapore and Singaporeans


Finally, we hope that this Pinoy trash will be investigated by our capable police and charged with making a false police report about being hacked. If he stays for the length of the investigations, chances are he will be jailed or fined for making a fake report. He should man up and just admit to his mistake, rather than to waste taxpayers money to investigate his fake "hacking" desperate claims. 

Best advice for him now? Say sorry and GTFO of Singapore. You are not welcomed here anymore. Singaporeans appreciate hardworking, honest and nice people to work here. You play nice, we play nice. Once you step on us, we will unite and kick you out. Do not mess with our goodwill and take it for weakness. We will not be bullied in our own land. Pinoy state? Fat hope. 

You better escape and never step into Singapore again! 

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