In response to the incident concerning a Filipino nurse working at TTSH making anti-Singaporean remarks, TTSH has come out with the following statement:

Dear all, the staff concerned is one our nurses. He has reported to the police that his Facebook account has been hacked. We are cooperating with the police on the investigation. Thank you for the alerts and concern.

It seems that this Pinoy nurse is so famous that his account was specifically chosen to be hacked and just so happened to make anti-Singaporean remarks.

As expected most Singaporeans do no buy his story and have pounded TTSH's facebook page with comments of disbelief. It seems that for every online gaffe, it is always due to being hacked and no longer an honest mistake.

Thankfully we have the Singapore Police Force investigating the matter. Chances are, he was not hacked and this Pinoy will be guilty of both making anti-Singaporean comment and for making a false police report. In the Singapore Police we trust and if found guilty of making false police report, he should wash his ass clean and get ready for Changi chalet.

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