A Malaysian man cut a three-year-old girl’s left ear with a pair of scissors, took out two of her fingernails in her right hand, punched her in the eye and injured her private parts, reported Harian Metro.

All because the girl had misbehaved.

The incident happened last Friday at 6.45pm at a house in Kempas Baru, Johor.

The man flew into a rage and attacked his girlfriend’s daughter after the girl cut part of his mattress with scissors.

Fled the scene

A neighbour said he saw the man with a friend and the injured child in front of the house.

“The injuries on the child were severe. When I asked him about it, he said he was going to take the child to the hospital,” said the neighbour.

“I became suspicious and when I told him that I will be contacting the police, he fled.”

The neighbour then called the authorities.

Difficulty moving

Johor Baru State Welfare Department official Manayi Ibrahim said the girl was rushed to hospital.

The child had difficulty moving due to the injuries to her private parts.

She is reported to be in a stable condition, but has been put under observation.

“We are trying to locate her biological father and other guardians so we can move on from here. We will give her shelter after she comes out of the hospital,” said the official.

Johor Baru Assistant Commisioner Mohd Khamsani said the man and the girl’s mother have been apprehended.

The mother, a factory worker, was arrested a few hours after the incident, while the man was arrested on Sunday.

Source: The Star Online

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