You think you have it worse in your job with a demanding boss, unreasonable deadlines and low pay? Maybe you should think again after reading this list, for at least you won’t need to…help an animal masturbate. I’m serious: there’s a job known as an “animal masturbator”.

Pet food taster

It’s a dream job for some to be a food taster, but how about being a pet food taster? Apparently, there are pet food tasters in the US, whereby more than 3 in 10 households have a pet. Just an additional information that you might not be aware of: some pet food are made with human food byproducts (think: chicken bones, chicken heads, chicken butts…etc) and therefore not exactly the best for consumption, but in recent years, the quality of pet food in developed countries have improved and therefore, “human-grade” pet food, in which the food is manufactured in a factory that also manufacture human food, is in demand. These tasters would taste them just to even further improve the taste of the food—after all, dogs can’t tell us whether McDonald’s is better than KFC or not.

Human mosquito bait

Or they can be aptly called “mosquito bite victims”, in which they voluntarily allow mosquitoes to bite them so that researchers can analyse the behaviours of certain mosquitoes. So, after so many years, can anyone of them tell me why I seems to be the first person to be bit in a mosquito-infested area? Or sometimes, even the only person to be bit?

Armpit sniffer

The job title says it all: you smell armpit. That’s it. After all, without them, how would we know whether our deodorant is working? And it’s precisely because of the weird reason that we can’t smell our own body odor that someone has to take the plunge.

Animal Masturbator

Here’s the job that everyone has been waiting to read about: animal masturbator. You see, scientists who have PhDs need animal sperms to do their research. These highly paid scientists would not want to get dirty; after all, they’ve spent so many years and money to get their PhD. So, how do they get the sperms? In come the animal masturbators. I think the job title has been explicit enough; unless you’re a five-year-old boy, there’s no need to explain what they do.

Sewers cleaner

Have you ever taken a deep breath in a sewer? If not, you’ll not understand how bad it is. Let me relate my experience: when I was in polytechnic, we visited some place in Singapore. There was an area with a sewer, and the moment I was metres away from it, I nearly vomited. #truestory . It was just one second and my body threatened to throw my stomach out. Imagine being there for hours.

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