Ladies, please be aware of this man:

I saw this man on 1st week of Dec 2014, at Yishun Blk 293 market, around 5pm outside giant supermarket (facing the garden).

He will walk towards you n use his elbow to push or brush by women chest. He did that to an old lady outside giant supermarket n a young couple waiting at 7/11 OCBC ATM. He did the same thing to me, but I managed to push him away with my son wushu weapon n I shouted at him to get the public attention.

I saw him again at Yishun Blk 272 today. I was meeting my frd at the bus stop 811 n was telling her abt this pervert man which I managed to take a pict of him. Suddenly this pervert man appeared from nowhere, walked harshly in between me n my frd.

Both his elbows were up n ready to do something. I shouted at him n pushed him away n my frd was shocked but managed to push away too. It happened too fast.


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