McDonald’s To Extend Breakfast Hours To Welcome 2015!

Late Wakers know this feel. That feel of never waking up in time to see the McDonald’s breakfast menu. Never being able to see a McMuffin or McHash Brown greet your arrival at the Golden Arches. No. We have to make do with those boring fries and McSpicy’s (McSpicies?).

There was celebration when McDonald’s announced 24-hour operation hours. “Maybe I’ll finally get to have some McBreakfast,” we thought. “Not so fast,” said Ronald the Clown, “Breakfast is served only at 4am.”

And so we contemplated. Is it truly worth the effort to stay up till 4am just for a taste of those elusive Hotcakes? Well, staying up late was sure more achievable than waking up early. We stayed up just for the McHashBrowns.

Until now.

As part of McDonald’s All Day Sunrise campaign, the fast food conglomerate will be serving breakfast items from 1 to 4 January 2015. Sure, breakfast will only last till 5pm. Yes, only three breakfast items — Breakfast Deluxe, Hotcakes, and Hotcakes with Sausage — will be offered during the promotional period. But, as the old saying goes, when there’s no fish, prawns are also ok.

Maybe the response will be so positive, all-day breakfasts will soon become the norm.

One can only hope.

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