Are you one of those who see your HDB apartment as a “blessing”?

For all who applied for a flat directly from the Housing Board, the value of their flat increased the moment they take possession of the keys to the apartment. Though there is a restriction purposely built in so that the primary aim of HDB providing affordable housing to Singaporeans is achieved, there is also a leeway provided that one can profit from the difference between the original price and your selling price. This is a fair balance between achieving a social goal and that of individual desire or aspiration.

While the distinction between a private apartments and HDB flat is largely perception than real, the lifestyle that goes on behind closed doors will determine the true quality of life you are enjoying out of the real estate.

This goes to say that you may well be living in a privately developed apartment yet your lifestyle may not reflect the prestige that the market associates with private apartments, and conversely your lifestyle living in a HDB flat may surpassed that of many in the private development sector. Quite obviously one of the key reason is personal income and affordability. There are high earners who prefer to live in HDB flats that actually comes with lots of conveniences and less restrictions comparably.

I am therefore surprised by the lack of wisdom and understanding by many who posted their views on “alternative media sites” alleging that the government is asking for law to indiscriminately enter personal premises, robbing people’s freedom of privacy, robbing the rights of peaceful abode, and disrespecting the sanctity of property ownership as well as disregarding mutual respect between people and government.

Many people are blessed with very good neighbours, neighbours that understand that there could be times when one may inconvenience the other due to circumstances and the need to rectify the circumstances that peaceful abode can be enjoyed by all. This calls for the neighbourhood to have a spirit of friendliness, mutual understanding and that may come with an unusual demand for self inconvenienced and sacrifice.

Even as we are all too familiar with good angels of Christmas praising God, there too exist the presence of bad angels that rebel. Same with human kind that we cannot expect all neighbours to have characters of good angels. Whether in private or in public housing, ordinary folks needs help to deal with circumstances where neighbours become uncooperative and unhelpful.

Management Corporations in private condominiums have their by-laws to compel owners and occupiers to cooperate where repairs within premises is deemed necessary. But the HDB has all along depended on the “kampung spiritness” to deal with such problems and so far it has been working in the past.

But when society becomes more emphasizing on personal rights and such over-emphasis becomes an infringement into that of another, the old way of doing things has to change according to society’s character changes. HDB being the LESSOR of the real estate needs to intervene as MODERATOR and rules and laws are necessary to mitigate that neighbours do understand and accept that many of such rights actually overlapsed into each other.

The allegations against the HDB and government are seen to be overly distorted to the extent of blatant lies which serves no good for Singaporeans other than those who benefits from lying to the public.

I do hope Singaporeans will be able to comprehend the need for this law change and what protection it comes with.

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