I cannot believe it!

People are actually criticising the Singapore Police Force for handcuffing some teenagers who committed theft. If there is one thing I am grateful for in Singapore, it is the low crime. The low crime is a direct result of a highly performant police force.

The boys stole. They committed a crime. The police intervened and remanded the teens. In the process, they handcuffed them. They did not taser the teens. They did not punch them up. They did not shoot them dead.

They handcuffed the teens.

How else do you suppose the poor policemen can properly arrest people? Hold them in an arm lock? Drag them by the hair? Use raffia string, twine, ribbons? Straitjacket them? It is quite reasonable to handcuff them, no? Did the handcuffs hurt? Did the handcuffs draw blood? Let them off with a warning? In no time at all, all those teens who wish to steal will know that police will let them off with a warning even before a visit to the police station. Guess what… that will just mean more of them will try thievery. Really? You want that to come hit you in the face or handbag or business?

When It Is Outside of Police Powers
On the one hand, everyone is jumping when the police do nothing about Jover Chew (simply because the law is written in such a way that police powers stop short of an arrest)… and about Data Register Pte Ltd (also because our laws are written a certain way)… and when the police do actually move to protect citizens (in line with their police powers), people jump again?

It is the lawmakers at fault here, not the law enforcers.

Our Low Crime Rate
I don't care if those pictures of huge Singaporean police officers towering over some tiny teens raise up a stink in other more liberal countries. It also happens that these other countries have a higher crime rate than Singapore.

I like my SPF the way it is.

Oh for goodness sakes… our government has gone so far to liberalise and liberalise… our economy, the gambling, the F1 (which no one but the rich and beautiful foreigners really care about), our immigration, our healthcare, our transport system, our post office, our car ownership policies… and as far as was possible, even our schools. Only the SPF (and MinDef) has been immune from the over enthusiastic PAP efforts to get more and more money (for shareholders), and to pander to those who want freedom and more freedom. Only MinDef and SPF have stayed true to LKY's design and intent.

We are very lucky that the new PAP didn't go and liberalise, privatise and marketise the SPF and MinDef too!

Even Within Police Powers Our Officers Are Restrained and Wise
I like my SPF the way it is.

The officers are friendly (provided you commit no crime) and restrained. The SPF was restrained (and courageous) in how it dealt with the Little India riots. Look at how restrained this police officer was when confronted with Han Hui Hui's very uncivilised behaviour – HERE. Our SPF was also able to track down and capture the 2 German sillies who thought they could get away with vandalising our trains. I think those 2 Germans did not expect to be caught (probably because the German police force would not have caught them).

So hey… our Singapore Police Force tracked them down and nabbed them. I am proud of the SPF.

The SPF has a job to do. They have shown themselves capable of discerning when to use how much force. When I teach, there are times when I have to mete out discipline. It is not enjoyable for me. I put it off as loooooong as I can. I will try every which way. I will even discuss with parents the appropriate disciplinary measures. However, if discipline must be meted out after months of patient trying… and the parent objects, my response is, "If you don't trust me to discipline wisely and well, withdraw your child and find someone else you trust more."

So, for those who complain unceasingly about our SPF, maybe you would be better at policing criminals yourself?

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