If you’re a Singaporean with your own vehicle, chances are that you’ve driven to Malaysia countless times. In additional to that, you’ve broken many traffic laws there. How many of you realized that your vehicle’s housepower suddenly increased when you are in Malaysia roads? And how many of you have asked around for the “current market price” in various states when you’re caught by traffic police?

Well, maybe these are going to end soon.

Apparently, Malaysia has set an ultimatum: if you’re summoned and don’t pay the fine, you can’t leave Malaysia. Okay, fair enough. I know some of you must be thinking of this: “Just pay RM50 lah, since our currency is so strong now. If market price increase, still can lah. Divide by 2.5 mah.”

Think again.

Along with this warning, they’ve also mentioned about how two officers arrested a driver who tried to bribe them with RM800 a few months ago. Yes, RM800—that’s like 8 to 16 times of the “market rate”.

So, do your part now by following their advice: go to or to check whether your vehicle has any outstanding fines.

With so many Singaporeans having second-hand cars, I’m sure many of you have just clicked on the websites only to go, “Eh, one website is down and one of them is so complicated. How to check?”

I know you’ve suddenly missed Singapore’s efficiency for a second.

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