This is BurgerUp, a fast food restaurant in Yishun Golden Village Cineplex.

What is so special about this fast food restaurant?

Customers simply walk in and use the self-help machine to customise their burgers and set meal. Payment is made via the cashier counter after the selection is made at the machine.

What is so special about this fast food joint? There is only one cashier at the counter – her job is to receive payment and pass the food tray to the consumer.

I wonder is this the future of fast food in Singapore. The way I see it: there is no need for counter staff to take your orders when machines can do the job. In fact, there is no need for cashiers too, if payments could be made via Ezlink/Paywave after you completed your order at the machine.

Train and Bus commuters can top up their Ez-link cards through self-help machines; book lovers can loan their books through self-help machines; Movie-goers can purchase their tickets online.

If your role can be performed by machines, then you should start to worry about your job and think about how you could learn new skill to value-add to your organisation.

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