i wish to inform all students/housewives and/or people who are looking for part time jobs out there to keep a look out of this particular company, The Eleventh Services Pte Ltd.


Heres the story.

April 2014
the owner of this company is a so called friend of mine wife and he actually hired my wife to do administrative work at his office, saying that the last person left the job with a lot of jobs not done. Note. My wife was already pregnant for 5 months at that time.

May 2014
After a month and a half of working there, my wife failed to receive her pay and she had tried many times asking him for her salary.

Oct – Dec 2014
a few months passed. and we had yet received any news. so i decided to contact him on behalf of my wife. he did replied but he mentioned about he and his company is facing some financial problem and his partner left with all the company’s funds.

upon checking again with him a few times. he stop replying our massages and even block us on facebook.

that is when we decided we don’t give him face any more.

But what shock is when we post online. a few others pop out and tell their side of the story of how he own them their salary.

As a group, they went to MOM. About 20 plus of them in total. the oldest is in her 50s and the total amount is sky high.

The Labour Court had ruled with evidence that he must pay them their salary by a certain date. but till date. Not a single person had receive a single cent.
Whats more disturbing is we found out he recently even went overseas with his “Friend” to Thailand for holidays.

If Singapore Government Can’t do anything. We will have no choice but to take things into our own hands.

Feel free to include my name as the contributor. To bully a friend is one thing. But to bully a pregnant lady to work free for you is the worst.

Drayson Lim

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