Three years ago, having 2 GB of mobile data per month is more than enough, for not many applications need an Internet connection to work.

But now, it’s almost abnormal if we do not exceed that 2 GB data as applications get more sophisticated. But do you know that if you check your data usage, a bulk of them comes from Facebook?

And worst of all: if you compare your usage in July 2014 and October 2014, there might have been an increase of more than 40% from Facebook.

It’s because Facebook introduced a new feature in September 2014: auto-playing of video (muted) on your newsfeed. And with Facebook’s new algorithm, more videos are being fed to your newsfeed now compared to last year.

In other words, you’re using data that is loading in the background.

If you’re sick and tired of paying excess data, here’s one thing that you must do right now: Stop the auto-play feature. It only takes less than one minute and you can save tens of dollars every month!


Go to Settings from your phone, find Facebook, find Settings from there, look for “autoplay video” and select “Wi-fi only” or “Off”.

Android Phones:

Go direct to the Facebook app and click on the app settings. From there, look for “autoplay video” and select “Wi-fi only” or “Off”.

BlackBerry / Nokia Huh?

One problem at a time. Change your phone first.

Low Kay Hwa

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