Heavy rain yesterday proved too much for the false ceiling at Westgate mall and caused a small section to shatter.

Shin Min Daily News reported that the incident happened around 3.30pm at the fourth floor of the shopping mall and left a 1m hole in the ceiling.

A 26-year-old shopkeeper told Shin Min Daily News that three or four men were almost hit by the ceiling fragments.

“It was raining heavily and the ceiling started leaking, more severely than usual. Suddenly there was a loud crash, and it turned out, a piece of plaster had fallen,”

The mall staff were alerted to the collapsed section at around 4pm and had cordoned and redirected shoppers away.

Mr Eddie Lim, centre manager of Westgate told Shin Min Daily News that overflowing rainwater had caused the false ceiling to fall off. He noted that nobody was hurt and the affected area was cleaned up in 15 minutes.

The area where the incident took place is surrounded by shops and a lifestyle gym for young children.

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