SYDNEY’S chief Islamic ­funeral director yesterday declared no Muslim funeral home would accept the body of terrorist Man Haron Monis and authorities should just dump his corpse at sea or “chuck him in the bloody shithouse”.

The 50-year-old extremist’s body remains in the morgue and is awaiting a complex ­autopsy. His body will be ­released before Christmas, but nobody has yet claimed it.

If Monis’s partner does not claim his body he will be given a “destitute funeral” by the Department of Health.

The Daily Telegraph contacted a number of Islamic groups around the state, who all distanced themselves from the gunman and derided the Martin Place siege as an act of bastardry.

“We don’t care about him, we don’t know him, chuck him in the bloody shithouse,” said Amin Sayed, funeral director with the Lebanese Muslim ­Association.

“Nobody’s going to do his funeral, No Muslim funeral home will accept him.

“They can throw him in the bloody sea.”

Mr Sayed, who has overseen Muslim funerals in Sydney for 24 years, said he had had a number of conversations with cemetery managers around the city who said Monis would be buried “secretly” and in an unmarked grave.

“Anyone who does harm to Australians, we don’t want him,” he said.

“This is not a human, this is an animal. He killed innocent people … even if you paid us $3 million we would not do his funeral.”

Muslim leader Keysar Trad said the imam of the Lakemba mosque “doesn’t want a bar of him”. But he added that according to Islamic law, no Muslim can be denied a holy funeral unless they renounced their religion prior to death.

Before his cowardly attack in the Lindt cafe earlier this week, Man Monis converted from Shia to Sunni Islam.

A forensic pathologist will carry out an autopsy on his body following a request from the coroner.

A NSW Health spokeswoman said: “Local health districts are responsible for the processing and payment of destitute burials and cremations in their district.

“Where the death of a person has occurred outside of a public health facility, and the police have determined that the state is ultimately responsible for their burial, the local health district will fund a funeral,” she said.

The department was unable to confirm yesterday how much money is spent on destitute funerals.

The Attorney-General’s Department said Monis’s next-of-kin, his wife Amirah Droudis, is responsible for what happens to his body.

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