Obesity rates in America have more than doubled over the last 2 decades and has become the leading public health issue in the U.S.

With more than two-thirds of the adult population overweight, McDonald’s has decided to become part of the obesity rate solution – not the problem.

According to reports, beginning January 1, 2015, McDonald’s will no longer serve customers who show risks of being overweight. They will define overweight by these standards: Over 170 lbs for women and 245 lbs for men. Children’s weight restrictions will vary depending on age and height.

McDonald’s is currently running campaigns to shake its “junk food” image, insisting they sell nothing but good quality food. They are are branding themselves from “A dining experience of fast food” to “Good food served fast.” They want people to understand the risks of being overweight. So how will they know if you are overweight ?

Will they ask you what you weigh and trust your answer? NO

They are implementing scales at the from of every register just like the one in the photo below. You must stand on the scale when ordering or you will not be served. They also plan on posting signs to let customers know that they have the legal “Right to refuse service to anyone.” 

For drive-thru patrons it may be a bit more difficult to enforce. However, if the person looks like they exceed the weight restrictions, they will be refused service at the drive-thru window. 

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