A man said he unhooked a woman’s bra on the Shanghai subway out of ‘revenge’.

The incident happened on July 22 on Line 6, between the Linyi Village and Pudian Road stations, at 8.07am.

The man, Yang, was seen quarrelling with a woman at the station.

She accused the 29-year-old of trying to unhook her bra, which he denied.

According to Shanghai Daily, Yang told police he had been pushed towards the woman, Xu, by the crowd.

After the 28-year-old woman accused him of unhooking her bra, he then ‘retaliated’ by doing what she had accused him of.

Yang was detained by police, and his case was not treated as a molestation incident on the subway.

Another news report on lfeng says Yang had been pressed against Xu’s side on the subway due to the crowded during rush hour.

It adds that Yang was frustrated and decided to vent his anger by trying to unhook Xu’s bra.

She then shouted, ‘Damn pervert, trying to undo my bra!’

It was later learned that Yang was trying to get ‘revenge’ by unhooking the female commuter’s bra.

Just recently, a man was seen using newspaper to hide his groping of a female commuter, also on the Shanghai subway.

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