Dear all,

Scammer alert!

This seller on carousell offered to sell me two iTunes gift cards at a really cheap and good price, so we agreed to meet up for the deal. Of course knowing that the deal might be too good to be true, I asked him if I could activate the cards into my iTunes account before I pay him.

He agreed over msg. So I went to the meeting place for the deal, but he never showed up. So I thought maybe he was running late, so I waited for 30 mins, to no avail. I msged him on carousell with no replies whatsoever.

Sensing a con man, I asked my friend to pose as a buyer over carousell to see if he replied. He did! And we set up for me posed as my friend to meet him again on the same day.
This time we did not mention about wanting to activate the cards before payment, as bait. He turned up right on time.

So we moved over to the railings outside aljunied mrt to deal. Then I mentioned to him that I wanted to activate the cards before payment, and that it will only take a minute. He hesitated and gave some excuse that he took a 10 mins leave from his boss just to make this quick deal. I insisted that I wanted to activate the cards first but he kept giving the same excuse. So he told me to wait there while he go ask his boss, and just started walking away!

Needless to say, he never returned and took down the item on carousell.

Please spread this around to make people aware of this!! Edit: his username on carousell: eelsinned. Not that it might be of use now since he would have changed it.


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