According to Belgian news website Nord Presse, “Hot Croissant,” a new bar expected to open doors in Amsterdam in June 2014, will be offering access to the unprecedented services of what it calls “halal prostitutes.”

The same bar claims that the “halal-certified” ladies of pleasure will constitute a service that is unprecedented internationally. According to Jonathan Swift, manager of the upcoming controversial bar and former manager of a hotel in Gembloux (Belgium), the bar’s halal prostitutes will meet a very particular set of specifications.

“Like everyone else, there are Muslims who want to go to brothels here, but cannot do so without compromising their religion,” said Swift. “But thanks to Hot Croissant, any Muslim who wants indulge in pleasure can now do so without committing Haram.”

According to the manager of Hot Croissant, the idea was conceptualized in partnership with three modernist Imams, who set the following criteria, listed by Nord Presse, for the “halal prostitutes”:

– They are banned from taking drugs or drinking alcohol, and are medically diagnosed every 2 months to ensure this criterion is met

– They are urged to do their five daily prayers, even during service

– They are forbidden to swallow during oral sex

According to the same source, the halal prostitutes will also enjoy a higher salary than that of their fellow ordinary coworkers.

Skeptics are asking whether the concept of “halal prostitutes” is a sarcastic joke, total nonsense, or, as one of the comments on the net has deemed it, “an attack at the fundamental principles of Islam and the maneuver meant to provoke the Muslim community in the Netherlands.”

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