Dear all,

As much as I love my country and to an extend that I don’t really like the ruling party, I would like to deter your statement.

If not for Mr LKY. you might not even be sitting behind that desk with 4 fingers on each hand on the keyboard with that thumb on your left hand to hit the space bar to do a long write-up like this article. Like what I am doing, writing up this little debate in my mind without expecting anyone, or yourself to respond to it.

How perfect are you? Have you not take some of the things in your life for granted? Obviously you have, I do too.

I would assume your statement to be biased towards the negativity of the situation. With the last few paragraphs of this essay in consideration.

A portray of a leader of the country, the builder of the country, being at such an old age. Yes he may be too old to hold positions and such. But can you live an age like he does? Could you do more than what he did?

What I see, my personal opinion, is that this man, Mr Lee, has contributed so much to the building of our nation. Yes he is not perfect, pissin’ of thomson, robinson bla bla bla. It is fairly usual to do some wrongs to others to achieve your goals. Just like this article you wrote would’ve pissed me off or some other chad who believes in this country and have time at 12.30am to do such an unproductive thing.

Also in my opinion, what he is trying to do is to portray a never ending contribution to our nation. Well this is an example! Yes he is old, and all. What i see? He’s willing to go to all ends for our country, your country (unless you might be an FT).

Would you die for Singapore (not PAP) if need be? Well i think LKY would do that. He picked us up at the lowest of times, been through the hardest shit we’ve ever faced. Would you?

As for the current successor, obvious we all know his son Mr LHL. Let me ask you this, if you’re in awesome power, would you not want your child to be like you and make it possible to be just like you? Well I would!

That’s love.

We are not robots, yes society have made us so. We are just barely humans, we are emotional just like how it made you write up this article.

Just let it pass, let it go, let it go, don’t hold it back anymore….

P.S – LKY is Made In Singapore, just like you (unless FT) and me.
P.S – FT (Foreign Talent) is not a bad word generally and shall not be taken as a metaphoric stereotype in this long-winded essay. The word ‘Talent’ is already an appraisal. Just like how harmless and gentle ‘Gu Niang’ is.

So Gu Niang, let it go…

Jeremy Han

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