Dear all,

I have decided to share what my husband has actually did to me as I’m not going to tolerate him further by helping him to lie to everyone that he’s working and putting in effort in social network to shows I’m having a happy family. I’m sick of it. When I was pregnant with my first child. I need to work at Singapore turf club to survive. And all he did is eat, sleep, gamble.

After my child was born, He still has yet change at all and to the extent that we had no money to buy milk powder living in a shelter of new hope association and he can even have the mood to laugh at me for over reacting that our son has no milk powder. I worked so hard and finally get a better living (However he still never work at all and he even gamble) he change from bad to worst. He have to steal my children gold chain to pawn in order to gamble..

Worst, he even pawned his wedding band and my diamond ring. (He never pawn my wedding band is simply because he want to let people know I’m married). I tolerated him is because I don’t live realistically, thinking that he will love me and having to consider the fact that we have 4 children. He never work for almost 4 years till recently I paid his taxi deposit of $8500 for him to get a limousine to drive. I have to clear his debts, support our family, Pay for our house loans, I have to even support his daily living expenses and that includes his gambling hobby.

I think he is living a extremely enjoyable life then anyone in this world as a bankruptcy. All he did was eat, smoke, sleep and even gamble. He even call up my colleagues and scold them if they become my friends. When I have friends gathering he would report to the police giving false statement that I wanted to commit suicide so I will be locked up by the police and not go for any activities outside. When I never answer his call while working He will spam messages or call me up screaming at me. I decided not to tolerate anymore..

The reason is because I have recently found out. He spend and pay to have fun with prostitutes rather than paying the bills that he owe (using my credit cards asking me to take loan). Please kindly help to share as this kind of person should be famous and let everyone know who he is and how I am being treated. Dear debtors of Mr Goh Qianli, do private message me so you all can claim back your money from him. I will not help him to hide his whereabouts anymore.

Theadra Goh

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