For about a year, a 12-year old Malaysian girl in Petaling Jaya led a horrifying life of being allegedly raped twice a week by her stepfather.

It was only when the girl finally told her mother on Friday that the deeds of the 34-year old man finally came to light.

Ampang Jaya police said the child’s mother packed up and took her four children with her to live at a relative’s house before lodging a police report.

Said police official Khairuldin Saad: “We arrested the man at 4am on Saturday”

“He is being remanded until Dec 18 to assist with investigations. The child said her stepfather started raping her in December last year.”

He added that the girl could not remember the total number of times her father had committed the deed.

“Sh said it had happened too many times maybe even twice a week,” said Mr Khairuldin.

He said the suspect,who had been unemployed for the most of this year, would rape the child in her bedroom or in the master bedroom, while the girl’s mother and step-siblings were out of the house.

The young victim was a child from her mother’s previous marriage, said Mr Khairuldin.

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