Boyfriend ditch girl with no table manners

BEIJING – Photographing your food, particularly during a special meal, has become almost a habit for many in this tech-savvy age.

However, one woman in China was so keen to share the details of a meal she was having with her boyfriend and his parents that she apparently forgot her manners.

The woman in Loudi city, Hunan province, upset her future in-laws by spending 15 minutes taking pictures of their dinner, reported on Saturday.

She had gone to the dinner to meet her boyfriend’s parents for the first time.

However, instead of talking to them so that all parties could get to know one another better, she promptly started taking photos of the food.

She then shared the photos on WeChat, a popular mobile text- and voice-messaging service.

In fact, she spent the whole time interacting with her friends on WeChat rather than with her boyfriend’s parents.

Her poor manners proved costly: While she might still have those photos of the meal, she lost her boyfriend, who ditched her.

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