Singapore By2 Yumi going out with Stanley Ho’s son

Macau casino mogul Stanley Ho’s fourth wife’s son Lawrence Ho Jun is going to be 20 years old next month. He is said to be as colorful as his father, since 16-year-old he already have at least 6 girlfriends. Recently he was photographed shopping with a girl wearing low-cut miniskirt. The love birds were shopping with fingers intertwined. He went down on his knees to take pictures, but also act as human flesh clothes hanger to help her carry clothes. She is the twin sister group By2 Yumi.
22-year-old sister Yumi and Miko hail from Singapore. Yumi was photographed with Lawrence Ho Jun strolling hand in hand in Hong Kong. They visited British brand Hackett London, Forever 21, and bought Maxim’s Cakes. Lawrence Ho Jun helped carry her jacket, holding a cell phone to help her take pictures, and finally pulled out a gold card for payment. Yumi hugged him from behind on the escalator for a sweet little return.


22歲Yumi和姊姊Miko自新加坡來台發展,出道6年清純模樣進化成美豔火辣,但多次力撇整形。Yumi日前和何猷君在香港手牽手連逛英國品牌Hackett London、年輕潮牌Forever 21,中間還跑去平民化的美心西餅買蛋糕果腹,一路上都是Yumi在試衣服,出身尊貴的何猷君幫拎外套、提蛋糕、拿著手機幫她拍照,最後掏出金卡付款,做足貼心男友,而她在搭電扶梯時從後胸壓何猷君,來個甜蜜小回報。


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