BY AMELIA TENG, Straits Times

SINGAPORE – Some 61 passengers were stranded in a Sentosa Express train on Thursday night for more than an hour after it stalled.

A Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) spokesman said they received a call for help in Sentosa at 11.30pm.

The light rail train, which was headed towards VivoCity, had stalled at 10.10pm in between the Imbiah and Beach stations.

A spokesman for Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC), which manages the island, said “immediate efforts” were made to bring the 61 guests and also staff onboard the train to safety according to standard rescue procedures. This involved transferring them to a rescue train that would bring them back to the nearest Imbiah Station, she said.

“However, due to technical difficulties in moving the rescue train, the SCDF was eventually called in to assist with the rescue operations,” the spokesman added.

The SCDF sent one fire engine, a red rhino, two ambulances and two supporting vehicles for the rescue operations. The first vehicle arrived within eight minutes and the last passenger was rescued around 2am. Ladders were used to allow passengers to climb down from the train.

All 61 passengers were rescued, including a 48-year-old woman who was sent to the Singapore General Hospital as she complained of discomfort.

The SCDF spokesman said for safety reasons, each passenger had to wear a helmet and be secured by a safety line before coming down the ladder.

Taxi transportation was arranged to send the passengers home.

The train service resumed normal operations at 7am this morning, the SDC spokesman said.

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