After a disastrous year following Singapore’s early group stage exit from the AFF Suzuki Cup on home soil, we seek current Football Association of Singapore’s president Mr Zainuddin’s understanding and kindly request him and his top management, including S-League CEO Mr Lim Chin, to step down from their respective roles at the main football governing body in Singapore.

In recent years, Singapore football has faced many negative issues on-and-off the fields. We fans believe that youth development has been stagnated that promising age-group National teams such as the Youth Olympics Games 2010 Bronze medal winning team and previous Lion City Cup squads have failed to reach to their potentials and been producing poor results at Southeast Asian and Asian levels. In addition, National Service liability issues for existing footballers seems not to be truly resolved to the extent we have been receiving news reports that national footballers failed to be available for international duties due to their various NS units unable to release them. Had we ever heard such circumstances in other countries, which include countries with compulsory National Service such as South Korea ? The answer is no.

Most importantly, our top-tier professional league, S-League, has struggled to attract crowds and to the extent that heartlands clubs which are struggling to survive, are forced to sit out from the league or getting merged. Good examples are the pulling outs of clubs like Gombak United and Tanjong Pagar United, as well as the merger of Woodlands Wellington and Hougang United. Many fans are also disgusted about the initial changes made to the next 2015 season and livelihood is somehow affected for many local footballers.

While the current national coach may be responsible for the AFF Suzuki Cup failure, we believe the current FAS’s top administration for the sport in Singapore has resulted to such a debacle and he should take some responsiblity for the failure as well. We believe Mr Zainuddin and his team are not up to the task as a top administrators for the number 1 sport in Singapore.

In addition, Mr Zainuddin has several positions in his current portfolio including being a Member of Parliament, which many fans believe numerous roles may enable him not to put in 100% on developing football. We need a better football administrator who is fully dedicated to develop football, with vast football knowledge and experience and to bring Singapore to a brand new chapter of greater heights at a bigger stage out of Southeast Asia.

And thus, we request Mr Zainuddin and his top management to step down from their respective roles for the sake of Singapore football. We also request Mr Lim Chin to step down as the CEO of S-League and to make way for someone who can bring better ideas and full dedication to boast the quality and popularity of the league which we call it our own.

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