Former China tour guide Yang Yin faces three additional charges

BY CAROLYN KHEW, Straits Times

SINGAPORE – Former China tour guide Yang Yin has been slapped with three additional charges under the Immigrations Act.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Ang Feng Qian said the Commercial Affairs Department, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore and Immigrations and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore have completed investigations into the 40-year-old’s case.

The next mention of the case will be in two weeks’ time, and Yang was not granted bail.

Yang was first charged with falsifying receipts made to his music and dance studio on Oct 31. The receipts allegedly made it seem that his firm Young Music and Dance Studio, through which he eventually obtained permanent residency, was a viable business and had received $450,000 in payment for services.

Even though an earlier decision was made by the State Courts to grant him bail, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon struck down the bail order recognising that he was a flight risk, among other reasons.

Apart from criminal proceedings, Yang also faces civil suits filed against him by Madam Chung’s niece Madam Hedy Mok. She alleges that he had manipulated her aunt into handing over her assets estimated to be worth $40 million. Legal proceedings have also begun to include Yang’s parents, his wife Madam Weng Yandan and his earlier bailor Ong Gek Lie as defendents in the civil suit.

Yang no longer has any say in the widow’s affairs. Even though the Lasting Power of Attorney was granted to him in 2012, the Family Court ruled on Sept 24 that Madam Chung had the capacity to revoke the LPA despite being diagnosed with dementia this year.

The widow who has no children met Yang in 2008 when he acted as her personal tour guide. A year later, he came to live with her in her Gerald Crescent bungalow estimated to be worth $30 million.

In 2010, she changed her will to appoint him sole executor and beneficiary of her estate on her death. Yang had previously said that Madam Chung wanted him as a “grandson”.

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