Most security agencies only out to make monies! They do not care for the welfare and well beings of their security guards! Many are using Malaysian cheap labour to cover their operational costs and maximising profits!

When a security guard get abused by the client, how many have you heard of that jumped in and sue the client even though when evidences are there to proof?

Have ever came across a so-called rich Singaporean staying at a up-class condo in orchard who enjoys picking at security guards and cleaners. He simply has too much free time and he concentrates on how to catch the security guards and cleaners for the slightest mistake! He even went to the extend of bashing into the control room to lodge an incident report by himself! I believed even if you might be a millionaire, you need to go for a security course to be able to do so! The security agency and MCST did nothing to protect the guards!

Have you ever tried clearing similar to that of a shoulder length height’s wall alike that in an army’s Standard Obstacle Course just to take water meter reading? Groping in the dark with no lighting on a rooftop with no railings to prevent you from accidentally falling down, just to take the water tank’s meter reading????

You have to walk to long way just to go to a toilet as only the basement carpark’s toilet is designated for use by security guard and cleaner. There are no proper place for the security guard to take their official one hour break and rest, no matter how high class the condo can be!!! There are so many malpractices but the security agencies are keeping silenced for fear of losing a cliente!

Look at the internal structure of most of the security agencies, engaging PRC and Pinoy admin and accounting staff? Do you think that Singaporean security guards are majorities school dropouts? Don’t even have a decent “O” level certificate?

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