Dear editor,

I wish to alert you that there is a new phone scam by a PRC syndicate that is targeting Singaporeans. It is an elaborate ploy by the scammers and it can be very effective if the victim is unsuspecting!

This was what happened:

Caller: *silent*
Me: hello
Caller: Hello Brother, how are you?
Me: who are you?
Caller: I’ve just changed my number.
Me: Em…. Who is this?
Caller: come on, don’t tell me you can’t recognize me…
Me: *thinking and making a possible guess* Michael?
Caller: haha, I thought you really forget. How you’ve been?
Me: I’m fine. Where are you?
Caller: I’m currently outstation in Guang Zhou. I called you because I’ll be visiting you in Singapore next week.
Me: sure Michael. Send me your flight details.
Caller: ok. Hey I got to go now. Will talk to you soon.

3 days later…

(Received another call)
Caller take his own sweet time to say the following with respond and reply but in summary:

Hey bro, it’s me Michael. Remember I told you I’m coming this week? My flight is *blar blar blar* But I’m having a situation here. The Police detain me and my friends for some nonsense stuff. My friend’s friend is coming to bail us. Can you remit money to him? I pay you when I arrive Singapore. I have cash in Singapore.. Etc.

—- end —-

The silent is to determine you’re a guy or lady.

Let you guess a name so he will role play into the person you mentioned.

The make-up situation sound almost real. If I almost fall for it, many others would. This number attached is a second attempt on me after 3 months from another syndicate. The story above was the first one. They try to get me remit $2,000 from me but later reduce to $500. I nearly fell for it because the voice really sound like my china friend. The scammer is very patience. Within 3 mins he can change a target. No emotion, keep hunting and even “release the line for 3 days and hook” back again. This is a professional job. Please share and warn your friend.

A Concerned Singaporean

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