NEA needs to keep its head in the right place.

From food hygiene to the dengue epidermic to the emergence of chikungunya to the continued poor state of cleanliness of public toilets, this country is facing a litany of challenges.

Yet instead of dedicating resources to tackling these issues, it prefers to spend a substantial amount of time looking for ways and means to sabotage AHPETC and engage in the most ridiculous form of petty politicking.

Perhaps all this is the result of one man looking to seek redemption, having fallen from grace after a poor first term in the Cabinet and being condemned to the relatively unimportant post of the Environment & Water Minister. This person is none other than DrVivian Balakrishnan.

In his quest for redemption, Vivian has destroyed the very sacrosanct principle of the civil service which is to be non-partisan and politically neutral. And by allowing themselves to be used as political tools, the management of NEA has betrayed the trust that the public has in it.

In return for his efforts, Vivian was recently appointed the head of the new Smart Nation Programme Office under the PM Office.

How anyone can stand for such treachery is beyond us. In its quest for absolute power and to stamp out the political opposition, the PAP has time and again shamelessly used taxpayers’ money to further its partisan objectives to the detriment of the general public.

The APHETC CNY Fair incident exemplifies this.

In making it difficult for AHPETC to hold CNY Fair, its objective is clear: to deprive residents there of such festive fairs and turn these wards in to a dead and boring zone, in the process creating resentment among residents against the Workers’ Party.

In the past, we did not have Social Media and the PAP was allowed to ride roughshod over its critics and blindside the public.

Now with the advent of platforms like Facebook and high mobile phone penetration rate, it is vital for us to fight back. The PAP wants to monopolize every space including the internet. We should show no mercy anymore.

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