[ Update: Manager of Mobile 8 has wrote in to share their side of the story: http://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/your-letters-handphone-shop-manager-we-are-innocent ]

Dear editor,

I went to Mobile8 at Woodlands MRT Station today (29 Nov 2014) with my friend. We wanted to purchase a SIM Cut Ejector because my SIM Card can’t be detect intermittently. Need to eject and insert it back.

So, my friend was asking on behalf for me whether they can lend or rather sell me a SIM Card Ejector. Got one Sales Retailer replied us fiercely that they only sell a set of SIM Card Noosy Adapter at $10.70. We rejected them politely, (knowing the fact Taobao sell less than SGD$0.20 per set, yet they can highball us by selling us at $10.70.)

Eventually, my friend asked whether they can ‘lend’ us a SIM Card Ejector. The Sales Assistant shouted at us aggressively like a gangster. Then, my friend told that rude Sale Assistant that he will be writing a complaint email to their Superior/Human Resources’s Department. He shouted at us that ‘You think you write complain letter, i scared you sibo? TMD!’

Such Sale Service’s attitude will not be condoned . I will personally write a complain email to their Human Resources Department/General Manager.

You may wish to avoid this store or their other outlets at all cost.

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