Dear editor,

I attended the annual IPPT session that was held in Khatib camp this morning (29/11/2014).

I am saddened to discover that the static stations have problems registering individual scores due to lag issues. It is very noticeable in the pull-up stations when some NSmen have to try harder to pull up their scores by doing more pull-ups as the station sometimes fail to register hits.

The sit-up stations also had difficulties registering hits when the NSmen did their sit-ups faster than the system could register.

I overheard the PTI who murmured among themselves that the latest system upgrade is a flop because it is way laggy than the old system.

The killer was the 2.4 KM run. Firstly, the electronic display was unable to show individual timings as each NSman clear the gantry. Secondly, we are not able to outpro on time because the backend server went down and it was unable to synchronized the scores with the 2.4 KM run system! So by the time a big group of NSmen who finished the 2.4 KM run at 8:50 AM had to wait grumpily at the outpro counter until 10:05 AM before the server was up again!

I am very disappointed with SAF. If the IPPT computer system is not broken, why fix it? What are the civil service scholars thinking? Why did they spend money to “upgrade” a computer system that hag lag issues and unreliable backend servers? We have already taken time and effort to train for our IPPT and yet we have to spend unnecessary time to wait for them to resolve computer problems?

Unhappy NSman.

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