Dear Editors,

In all honesty, what is the purpose of conducting ‘tree planting days’ by our politicians while there are ongoin indiscriminate killing of numerous trees not only in our neighbourhood, but islandwide ?

Our green, outdoor spaces are diminishing at such a rapid space by our Govt’s growth at all cost & lax immigration policies. The latter contributing to more infrastructure development resulting in less green spaces for us Singaporeans. It is suffocating to the point of unbearable.

The tree that was felled in this video has been here since we moved in 10 years ago & probably here for a long time before we moved in. My son and I found no evidence of cavities or decay in this fallen majestic tree.

As we live a close distcnce to it, In the weeks leading to this incident, we saw no activity to asses the health of the tree through the use of a Tomograph. The latter is an instrument used to assess the internal condition of trees. As there was no visible signs of decay to us laymen, was the assessment faulty? Was it carried out by a certified Arborist ? Was a Resistograph used to detect if there were internal defects in the tree ?

The authorities ( NParks & Bukit Batok Town Council ) who gave the green light to remove this precious & very obvious healthy tree ( which even a child could discern) must have a compelling reason to do so and must provide evidence for it . This sad incident took place at Bukit Batok West Ave 6 on 24 Nov 2014


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