BY PEARL LEE, Straits Times

SINGAPORE – Two blacklisted handphone shops in People’s Park Complex have ceased all operations.

Mobile Alliance and Tele Infinity, both located on the first floor of People’s Park Complex, gave up their shop leases on Nov 15.

The shops, which own a total of four units on the mall’s ground level, are registered under the same owner.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) said the owner had applied to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) to strike off the two businesses. The application was approved on Nov 16.

Both mobile phone shops are regular features on the consumer alert list put out by Case and the Singapore Tourism Board. The list serves to warn customers of errant retailers.

Case received five complaints against Mobile Alliance in the past three months, and seven for Tele Infinity.

Case had earlier asked the owner to sign a voluntary compliance agreement for the two shops and pledge to cease unfair business dealings. With the two handphone shops now closed, the owner will no longer need to do so, a Case spokesman said.

The owner met with Case officers last Friday, and agreed to resolve outstanding cases and provide customers with a satisfactory settlement, the spokesman added.

Customers with unresolved disputes against the two handphone shops are encouraged to file a complaint with Case soon.

The voluntary compliance agreement is aimed at stopping retailers from engaging in unfair practices in line with the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act.

People’s Park Complex is also the mall with the most number of consumer complaints. Case received 244 complaints against the mobile phone retail industry this year, and about 40 per cent involve shops in the mall in Chinatown.

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