A professor at Peking University in Beijing has been removed from his position and had his teaching license revoked after having an affair with an international student and getting her pregnant.

A university graduate reported Yu Wanli, formerly an associate professor at the School of International Studies of Peking University, to the school’s inspection department in November. The informant, named Liu Wei, was a friend of the Singaporean student, Wang Jing, who was involved.

Liu sent an e-mail and three letters to the university with photos and chat records from Wang’s phone, Shanghai Daily reports, citing The Beijing News.

Wang later told reporters that Yu forced himself upon her in July 2013 when he came by her dorm, and the two maintained a sexual relationship ever since.

Wang discovered that Yu was married and had a child when she went to visit his home, but he insisted that he and his wife were separated.

“I told him that I won’t be anyone’s mistress because it is not fair to me. He said he needed time to work things out,” Wang told Huashang Daily.

When Wang found out she was pregnant, Yu told her she should get an abortion. That’s when she decided to speak out about their relationship.

On November 20, Yu had his teaching license revoked and was expelled from the Party after investigation revealed an “improper” sexual relationship with the student.

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