Yang Yin’s case would not have received the kind of publicity if there was no Netizen Vigilante. It was all the drummings of netizens that created so much awareness on the vulnerability of a rich widow suffering from dementia. Now the case is in court and there is great hope that her fortune would not be robbed by a foreigner she invited home. 养虎威患.

The next big role played by netizen is the Mobile Air case when a tourist was at the mercy of unscrupulous shop retailers. The publicity on the case in social media was too much to handle and no action was just unacceptable. Despite this, the initial reaction was another hopeless case of bo cheng hu. Nothing can be done. The culprit was so clever and knew the law so well that nothing could be done to him, no crime committed but unethical only.

It was reported today that the police has raided the shop that has changed name and ownership and carted away several boxes of equipment and files. So, there must be some laws that the culprit could have violated. Hope it is not just a case of public nuisance. And Rip Van Winkle suddenly wanted to do something, to change the law from boh cheng hu to got cheng hu. After more than 30 years and thousands of cases reported and forgotten as nothing could be done, thanks to Netizen Vigilante, things are starting to move.

A rogue foreigner motor cyclist, a highly valued foreign talent, was charged in court for hurting a daft couple in a car. He was sent to stay behind bars for 3 weeks. Many such cases happened in the past and the rogues got away quite lightly. But in this case it is not certain if the Netizen Vigilante got anything to do with it. Anton Casey?

Netizen Vigilante could have play a big role is Saving Roy Ngerng in the Hong Lim Park heckling or harassment case. Not sure about this also, but Roy and his friends were finally charged for being a public nuisance, a much less severe charge instead of heckling or harassment of Special Needs Children.

A word of caution to the Netizen Vigilante. Some quarters are unhappy with your rogue behavior for harassing the clever retailer. Be careful not to cross the line or you would be hauled up for harassment or heckling or a public nuisance. Leave it to the law to protect the victims. Don’t always think there is boh cheng hu. Got, got cheng hu. This is a rule of law country. Don’t pray pray unless you are as clever as rogue retailers where the law is helpless against you, or there is no law that can be applied to you.

Anyway, the victims must be very grateful for what you have done. Never mind if some people are not happy with you. You have done something good and needed to be done when there was boh cheng hu.

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