Happiness is to be back home after a successful and uneventful major operation and smooth, speedy recovery. My grateful thanks to the great medical and nursing team from the Urological Dept of SGH and, in particular, the surgeons, Sim Hong Gee, Lee Lui Shiong and Dr Lim Yong Wei. The GA and nursing team under Ruban Poopalolingam were great too, having to keep me ‘asleep’ for some 4 hours. We have an excellent medical service, high in professional skills and gentle in post-surgery care.

All you well wishers played a big part too. I was cheered when I read your messages. To those who sent me their well wishes through emails and other channels, thank you too for your concern. Your spirit is lifted when you know that friends and Singaporeans care for you.

I only allowed three visitors apart from members of my immediate family. Rest is the best way to make a speedy and smooth recovery. I saw Ng Hock Lye because he had just received two stents for his arteries a few days ago. I was concerned about him. He came with Danny Ng. Both are patrons of Marine Parade GROs. I also had an almost hour-long chat with Tan Cheng Bock, my very close friend from school. We talked about mutual friends, health issues and families. Thanks, Bock. I am glad to see you in good health and keeping yourself busy.

I am afraid I have to cancel my appointments this week. I should be able to keep those next week, including lunch with PM on 4 Dec.

Lead a good, meaningful life and you will be blessed. You can then be philosophical about the unexpected as you travel life’s journey. —gct

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