The People’s Action Party (PAP) will be amending its party constitution to reflect a new resolution that was passed during the last Party Conference in December last year, said Party Chairman Khaw Boon Wan today (Nov 22).

Speaking at the PAP’s 60th anniversary dinner and awards ceremony this evening, Mr Khaw said that the new resolution “defines the party’s objectives in our new way forward”.

“The next step is to amend the Party Constitution to enshrine or hardwire the new PAP Resolution into our constitution and put it into force,” Mr Khaw said. “This we will do at the Party Conference next month (Dec 7).”

The key points of the PAP’s new Resolution include: strengthening the Singaporean identity, creating more opportunities for all Singaporeans, upholding a open and compassionate meritocracy, building a fair and just society, developing a democracy of deeds, and becoming a responsive and responsible government.

Mr Khaw noted that the party had undergone several several engagement sessions before passing the resolution at the last Party Conference on Dec 8 last year. He added that while many of the PAP’s core principles and values remained relevant today, “because the environment has changed, we need to review and consider what these ideas mean in this day and age”.

“The PAP was founded with the aim of building a fairer and more equal society,” said Mr Khaw. “We stand firm on the following principles — clean, honest and effective government; meritocracy based on ability and performance, giving the job to the best man; and being fair to all regardless of race, language or religion.

“These principles and values are the vital building blocks of the PAP and Singapore’s success. I think we can all agree that they are still relevant today, and they will still be at the core of what we want to do in the future.

“But because the environment has changed, we need to review and consider what these ideas mean in this day and age.”

In amending the party’s constitution to reflect the new resolution, the PAP’s Central Executive Committee has also carefully drafted the proposed amendments to fully reflect the intent and the spirit behind the new PAP Resolution, said Mr Khaw.

The Party HQ has already sent the proposed amendments to all their members via mail. The full text of the amendments will also be made available on the PAP’s website.

At the PAP 60th anniversary dinner tonight, 356 PAP activists were given awards for their long service to the party. Mr Khaw also announced that the party will be recognising the contributions of their long serving members by according them with a party life membership. To qualify, the member must be at least 65 years old and has served the Party for at least 25 years.

“Although a small gesture, it shows that the Party values the contribution of our loyal members and recognises their continued importance as local community leaders,” Mr Khaw said.

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