A jobless man was jailed for two years on Wednesday for having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Muhammad Fharhan Mohd Khalid, 25, admitted to six counts of sex with the minor, who he had met through a mutual friend. These were committed in December last year in the girl’s flat in Yishun, on three different occasions, and also included oral sex.

The court heard that Muhammad Fharhan had obtained the minor’s contact details through a friend and continued to communicate with her despite knowing her age.

About two weeks after getting to know each other, they met at Yishun MRT station before going to her home along Yishun Street 11. The pair became intimate as no one else was around. They had sex after the girl performed oral sex on Muhammad Fharhan, who did not use a condom, and he left at 5am the next day.

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