An Indonesian citizen accused of perpetrating a recent robbery in Raffles Place in Singapore refused to speak to representatives of the Indonesian Embassy who visited him in hospital on Monday.

Consul Sukmo Yuwono said it was striving to find a way to meet the alleged robber, Arun, a 38-year-old from Batam, Riau Islands.

“Currently, he [Arun] doesn’t want to be visited by anyone, including by embassy officials,” he told The Jakarta Post on Monday.

Arun is undergoing medical treatment at Singapore General Hospital for injuries he sustained when attempting to flee after the robbery.

Earlier, Sukmo said, he had visited Kang Tie Tie, a moneychanger who was the victim of the robbery. Kang, also from Batam, is currently receiving treatment at a hospital in Singapore for stab wounds he suffered during the incident.

According to Sukmo, Kang claimed that he was a courier working for a moneychanger in Batam. “He claimed he was not the owner of the money he was carrying at the time of the incident,” said Sukmo, who refused to reveal the name of the moneychanger.

He added that the Criminal Investigation Department in Singapore was investigating the case.

According to witnesses, Arun attempted to seize Kang’s messenger bag containing Sin$158,000 and 20,030 Brunei dollars in cash and three sheets of checks worth Sin$607,000. In the robbery attempt, Arun stabbed Kang three times, leaving wounds in his stomach, hand and waist.

Friday’s robbery was not the first incident involving an Indonesian moneychanger in Singapore.

Suhardi Tan, aka Achui, 26, was stabbed to death as he left a money changer in Raffles Place on Aug.24, 2012. The assailant managed to seize Sing$100,000 from the employee of moneychanger PT Citra Niaga, based in Batam. The case remains unresolved.

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