1) AMDK – Everyday you’ll get flowers and chocolates at work.

Sinkie male – You’ll get Chinese tonics once a month provided you cook for him and his mum. Nevermind the fact that you have to slow stir that sh!t for 12 hours straight and go to work too.

2) AMDK – Everyday you will eat at Bridgestone or Goodyear or Mizuno restaurants. Whatever the fark those ratings are called. Hey, I’m a sinkie male, ok!

Sinkie male – He doesn’t know sh!t about all these Mizuno sh!t because SAF issued him Asics. You’ll be lucky to eat $7.50 chicken rice at a food court once a week as a luxurious treat. It’s SEVEN MOTHERFARKING DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS FOR CHICKEN RICE, OK, BITCH? NOW STFU AND EAT IT!

3) AMDK – Everyday ferried around in Bentley, Mercedes and even get a Porsche as your own transport.

Sinkie male – You will be squeezing in the MRT at worst(even at your last stage of pregnancy) or be driven around in a 2004 Honda Civic at best. Oh, and forget about him letting you drive his 2004 Honda Civic. He cherishes his silly car more than YOU because he just renewed the COE. Be thankful he only wants you to wash his car once a week while he plays DOTA 2 at home or massages his mum.

4) AMDK – You’ll get to stay in a $10 million penthouse in district 9 and another weekend home in Sentosa Cove.

Sinkie male – A 5 RM BTO flat is upper class in his microscopic mind. He would think he has “made it” in life to live in a 5 RM BTO flat. Prepare for lots of bragging about it on his Facebook and everyone of his army and primary school friends will “Like” that sh!t.

5) AMDK – Every weekend shopping trip involves your AMDK husband buying YOU bags from Herpes-Burping, Meow Meow and Louis XIII, clothes from Prata, Canal and GeeVenChiBai, shoes from Christian Loobootin and Vito Corleone Ferragamo, lingerie from Queen Victoria’s Closet just for YOU; his dearest loving wife.

Sinkie male – Mango and Giordano are very high end “designer” labels in his mind and an absolute waste of money. You’ll get a tank top from one of these “designer” labels as a Christmas gift once a year. His mum and Xbox are more important than you.

6) AMDK – Every night you can enjoy good sex Peter North-style from AMDK husband’s 20″ dick. He will lick you from head to toes including you-know-where.

Sinkie male – Suck his 2″ dick. Insert his 2″ dick in. Pump for 2 minutes. He cums(Not you). Sleep. And it happens once a week at most. Oh and he will not lick your you-know-where because his mum said it’s unclean there. Nevermind the fact that you just gave him a nice blowjob. It’s irrelevant.

7) AMDK – Every few months you get to holiday in exotic locations like Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Congo. It’s very manly, macho and exciting you know? AMDK loves a bit of derring-do now and then. Oh, did I mention you’ll be free falling in from 30,000ft AGL? Wow, that’s so exciting, isn’t it?

Sinkie male – Useless sinkie males have only been to sh!t holes like Kanchanaburi, Kaohsiung, Shoalwater Bay, Rockhampton, Lentor, Murai, Pulau Tekong, Yishun Avenue 7 and they run at the first sight of a limping man. Fails IPPT. Fails range. Malingers his way out of FTX. Useless as sh!t. How could you count on a sinkie make to defend you? Go for an Iron Cross with Oak Leaves wearing, Medal of Honor wearing, Viktoria Kross wearing AMDK!

8) AMDK – Got an active social life and meet other gentlemanly AMDK hunks who are so interesting, funny and excellent conversationalists who actually pull that farking chair out for you and open that farking door for you too. Red carpet treatment, baby.

Sinkie male – Those smelly, scrawny/fatty, NS-serving, useless sinkie males only know how to KPKB the PAP on the internet and make you watch lame ass Mediacock drama on Channel 8 or drink Tiger beer with his army friends in S11(also to KPKB the PAP) while spitting everywhere and talking loudly and crudely while making poor YOU pour his farking beer for him.

9) AMDK – Every month will get at least $100,000 in allowance from AMDK husband in addition to your salary.

Sinkie male – Useless sinkie males will only give you $100 a week and ask you to go to the market to buy fish and vegetables and cook for his mum. You have to work too? Well, fark that! It’s not his problem you have to work even though you are helping to pay the bills!

10) AMDK – Usually they are senior executives, directors and CEOs of large companies like Morgan Freeman Ltd, Merry Lynching, GPMG, Goldman Sex(It’s NOT a porno company runned by Jews, ok?), Singapore Hairline, DeeBeeAss. Or perhaps a grassroot leader in PAP since most AMDK love nature(Ooohhh! It’s so cool!!!!!) and leading a patch of nice, expensive but ultimately useless grass in Blk 57B New Upper Changi Road is a stylish thing to do. That’s AMDK doing national service, bitch.

Sinkie male – Maybe a junior engineer in Tan Ah Kow Pte Ltd working under an AMDK or worse, a salesman in Mobile Air or Mobile 22! Better divorce him now if the latter is the case! You don’t want to be like Winnie or Vanessa, right?

11) AMDK – He will always be there for you! On a bad day he will hug you and caress you and tell you how much he loves you! He will bring you breakfast in bed and 99 certified Ebola free roses from Sierra Leone in the morning!

Sinkie male – You will walk 3 steps behind him at all times. You will look at your feet while he is addressing you. You must not speak unless you are spoken to. He is the Commanding Officer and you are the sh!t-eating, toilet-scrubbing Recruit. Remember that. He will not tell you he loves you. He will not hug, caress, hold you. He will tell you the best part of you ran down the crack of your mama’s ass and ended up as a brown stain on the mattress and only steers and queers come from Tampines and you’re not a steer so that kind of narrows it down. It’s not his problem you are having a sh!tty day, bitch. Deal with it yourself. Or better yet, find an AMDK!

12) AMDK – He loves you more than his mum.

Sinkie male – He loves his mum more than you.

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