An attempt to retrieve a stolen motorcycle turned bloody at a Woodlands carpark on Friday night.

Mr Ng Yen Zhang, 31, had originally given up hope on finding his Honda motorbike, which was stolen from the car workshop he owns in Ang Mo Kio three weeks ago.

So when he received a call from the police telling him that they had matched his bike’s serial number to a vehicle at Block 569B C

hampions Way, near the Singapore Sports School, he was overjoyed.

He claimed that he was told by the police to retrieve the vehicle.

But when he and two friends arrived at the scene at about noon on Friday, he was shocked.

“It had been modified. Someone had changed the signal lights and helmet box, and added stickers to the bike’s bodywork. It’s like someone else had become the owner of my bike,” Mr Ng said in a phone interview yesterday.

“I wanted to confront the culprit.”

Incensed, the trio decided to lie in wait at a nearby void deck.

“I disconnected the ignition so that he wouldn’t be able to escape on the bike,” said Mr Ng.

The trio waited for seven hours.

At about 7pm, a couple showed up.

Mr Ng’s friend, Mr Daniel Ey, 29, a sales executive, recalled: “The man got onto the bike and tried to start it.”

Mr Ey said the three of them approached the man from different directions and cornered him.

“When we showed up, he was completely shocked to see us,” he added.

The men managed to pin him down within a few seconds.

But to their surprise, he suddenly whipped out a fruit knife.

In the ensuing struggle, Mr Ey was stabbed in his left calf, leaving a puddle of blood on the ground.


Mr Eric Leong, 33, who is Mr Ng’s business partner, sustained a cut on his knee.

The attacker was later disarmed by his female companion, who left before police arrived.

Mr Ey said of the encounter: “I didn’t know I was stabbed at first. I only found out later because of all the blood.

“Luckily, I am quite big-sized, so the knife couldn’t seriously injure me.”

He was taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital for outpatient treatment.

A police spokesman confirmed the incident. He added that a man in his 30s was arrested for attempted theft of a motor vehicle and for voluntarily causing grievous hurt.

Mr Ng was unhurt in the struggle but he regrets the scuffle.

“My heart hurts that my friends were injured – it wasn’t worth it,”he said.

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