Dear Editors,

I wish to share my recent encounter with Sports Element located at Novena Square 2. I purchased some items there and when I returned home, I found out that the staff had put an English newspaper together with my purchase items in the carrier without my knowledge.

The newspaper is named Epoch Times which I have never heard of. Thinking that it may be related to sports, I read it and was surprised that other than reporting on current global news, the newspaper also has articles that promote Falun Gong which it claimed as an ancient Chinese self-cultivation practice that brings health benefits and improves one’s character.

I then Googled FLG and was shocked to find out that it is cult group that teaches a false religion and worship their leader called Li Hongzhi. The religion was founded by him in 1992 and later banned in China. It spreads the religion by pretending to be a form of exercise and meditation and after the person is convinced, they start introducing the divine teachings of Li Hongzhi. Some people even believe they could be cured of cancer by practising FLG exercises.

I find it puzzling and even an invasion of my privacy as to why Sports Elements is promoting the FLG newspaper Epoch Times to their customers by slipping it into their bags quietly. If I have encountered this, I am not surprised if others had the same experience.

So by giving out the Epoch Times newspaper in the shop, is Sports Elements related to FLG? Why are they trying to promote FLG in this sneaky manner? Are we indirectly supporting FLG by buying stuff at Sports Elements?

Thanks for reading my letter.

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